Schedule of Events

65 Sprague St.

12:00–5:00 pm Bo Veaner and Friends
12:00–2:00 pm Mark Rosen, guitar
2:00–2:15 pm Aeffia Feuerstein, jazz blues, a-cappella, Studio 10

1:00 pm Polymer Plate Printing, Full Tilt Print Studio (#5 & 6)
2:00 pm Woodcuts, Full Tilt Print Studio (#5 & 6)
3:00 pm Monoprinting, Full Tilt Print Studio (#5 & 6)
4:00 pm Big Shot Polaroid Portraits, Long Hall

The Cupcakory Truck will be in the parking lot.

Lofts at Westinghouse

Pam Ross, oboe
Jenn Allen, jazz trumpet and Christos Zavros, jazz bass
Rachel Roberts, flute with guests Maria Finkelmeier, marimba and Beth McDonald, tuba

1391 Hyde Park Ave.

12:00 pm Boston’s Pavarotti, Andrew Alexander
3:30 pm Forbes Graham, trumpet

Menino Arts Center at 26 Central Ave.

11:30 am Nahshon Deas, keyboard and vocals
12:30 pm violin instrumental by YOFES

1:00 pm Comic Books and Drawing
3:00 pm The Capabilities of Photoshop

Ongoing Children’s Activities
Creating Cards and Bookmarks
Rock Craft