Cris Roberts - Pieces of Brazil

Cris Roberts was born and raised in Northeast Brazil. Having traveled extensively in Brazil, she immigrated to the United States in 2001. She has always loved photography, visual art, and film, and recently started pursuing her interest in image-making as an amateur photographer. Her photographs combine the most basic equipment and materials with a discriminating eye for composition, color, and texture. Her attention is wide-ranging and curious, and her choice of subject matter often arises from her passion for social justice by depicting poverty in Brazil with dignity and respect.

Caruaru on a Sunday
The vendor yells: "Quem quer bolo? Quem quer bolo? Esta fresquinho, saido do forno!" (Who wants cake? Who wants cake? It is fresh, out of the oven!)
Recife, cidade do Mangue... Onde a lama chega ate o meio da canela...
Recife, onde Homem e Papel se encontram (and take a nap together...)
House in Small Villa close to Pedra, PE. Brazil, December, 2012.

People in the villa have to pay for water, the "carro pipa" (truck that comes with water once every two weeks, charges between $20 and $40 dollars for each delivery, some of the families living there don't even make $ 200 per month.
Estrada de Terra - Po e sol (water used to cover this whole area... now a road replaces where people used to come to swim)
Highway near Garanhuns, PE.

It has not rained enough to provide water for animals and men... Some of the local people buy a ticket to somewhere else and leave everything behind...
Highway between Arcoverde and Pedra, PE. Brazil, 12/12.
Close to Pedra, PE. Brazil. 12/12
Highway "Bus Stop" near Caetes, PE (city where the ex-president Lula was born). Not much has changed...
Childhood Home

The fence is there to protect something that has no value to other people but me

I can't go any closer... My sacred place is gone.
A worker's grave - Local Cemiterio, em Arcoverde, PE