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When I paint I step into the unknown, a place that feels both outside time and rich with the dreams and memories of the earth.  I use meditation to enter this zone which allows the paint to flow on canvas without my conscious interference. I paint ancient myths and archetypal memories, bringing them into modern relevance and using them to illuminate the transformative chaos of the 21st century. 

In order to paint dreams, myths, the pulsing quality of the earth  I use chi gung and other energetic meditations to make visible an invisible landscape. To see more clearly,  I make a shift into a heightened, pulsating, tactile space, where each color has a different scent,and often a musical note as well. 

As the painting emerges through layer after layer, I sometimes tear open the surface, insert gauze and re-stitch the painting.  I shred the edges, or cut off the ends and reinsert it back into the whole.  As I paint the constant shifts in the earth, I rely upon inner vision.  I picture  rock and earth in my mind in the same manner as I picture bones and muscle lying beneath flesh when I paint portraits.  I find that I am always drawn to painting what lies beneath the surface, in the same way that I studied anthropology in search of the hidden structures that form a society.  Myths are stories that hold  levels of meaning, that defy rationality, and explore rather than explain.  Myth are the unseen skeleton of the modern world.

After seeing my work the Dali Lama’s teacher Rinpoche Guge Gyabung Tulko asked me to teach him “how I paint these western Thangkas.”  In turn, in the fall of 2013, I will travel to Tibetan monasteries and learn how monks create traditional Thangkas.  I expect to deepen my experience in moving into the electric brain.

I’ve partnered with biologist Dr. Brenda Saunders to create an installation of my paintings, entitled Tasting Paint: Intertwining the Senses.  This is a show that draws the connection between art and neurobiology, how the brain is altered by creativity. Tasting Paint: Intertwining the Senses  provides a  a mapping system for the viewer to follow into the creative mind, and follow my trail into the unknown.

Earth-Recovered Memories-Tiahuanoco
Earth: Recovered Memories;Utu Dawn
Blue Footed Boobies