Margo Lemieux

Artist Bio
Margo Lemieux, associate professor in the Art & Graphic Design department, Lasell College, has given workshops all over the country, most notably as an artist-in residence at Lake Mead National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. She has taught book workshops at the Fuller Craft Museum and the Attleboro Arts Museum.  Her article on expressive sketching appeared in American Artist Magazine and she is the author of five children’s books. Her visual arts practice includes printmaking, painting, and artist books. Her poetry chapbook, Believe In Water, is published by Finishing Line Press.

Artist Statement
I have always been drawn to the mystical imagery created by light and the connection between past and present. One of my earliest memories is of the pattern the sunlight made on the bed of the baby carriage as my mother wheeled me on a summer day. Beauty is in the momentary, in the fleeting, in the reflection of an ordinary situation, made extraordinary by being frozen in time…made extraordinary by the capture of attention and concentration – the light on a leaf, a dramatic cloud formation, and the extraordinary grace of an angled shadow on a floor. All this can be combined poetically through use of value, line, texture, color.

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"The beet goes on" A/P etching with aquatint 12 x 6
"Balboa Park at Night" A/P etching, aquatint, rainbow roll 18 x 8
"Rupert Farm Bounty" A/P etching with aquatint 12.5 x 6
"Historic Churchyard" A/P etching with aquatint, 16 x 7
"Mexico City Streetlights" A/P etching with aquatint and rainbow roll, 18 x 7
"Springtime Reflections" A/P etching with aquatint, 12 x 7
"Way of the Cross" double plate etching with aquatint, 27 x 24
"Possibility" A/P line etch 3 x 3