Constance Jacobson

You can find me at Full Tilt Print Studio (Studio #5) and a few steps down the hall at my personal studio, Studio #9 at 65 Sprague Street.

I will be showing prints and drawings in both locations.

Artists Statement

I have long been interested in our interdependent relationship with the rest of the living world and have explored some of these connections in my prints, paintings, and digital images through a body of work called Almost Biology. In the last few years I have focused on the human nervous system and homologous structures in other organisms, particularly marine organisms. With the images in this book,I am thinking about those morphological imitations found in the plant world which I feel are a healing and soothing metaphor. So much has been written in recent years about the brain’s structure and about how it functions to create memories and states of consciousness. I have been trying to read as widely as I can on these topics, as I reflect on my family’s experience with dementia and on the relationship of human beings to nature.

My vulnerability is felt on a personal level—a fear of loss of self, but in addition, a larger loss because of the tenuous state of humanity in an increasingly human-threatened natural world. Only when human beings see themselves as part of nature, connected to and dependent on all other living things, will they do everything in their power to preserve it.

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Self Portrait
Polymer plate intaglio
Cerebral Flora 1
12"x 26"
Polymer plate intaglio
Cerebral Flora 2
16"x 24"
Polymer plate intaglio