Please visit me in the Long Hall at 65 Sprague Street. This  year I will be presenting one of my larger bodies of work. Over 200 drawing will be available for your viewing and purchase. I will upload preview images here. As a piont of interest I am selling the originals and will not be making reproductions. I will be uploading a few over the weeks leading up to HPOS 2013. Check back to see more. And do check out the other artist's pages.

Additinally, a very select few of my paintings will be on display. 

I will be doing The Big Shot Polariod Portrait booth again this year. I have a very limited amount of film and flashes available so come on time to secure a spot to have me provide you a very special portrait. Or maybe try the camera yourself. I'll be starting at 4pm.

See you soon ! Feel free to contact me via phone or email

Call: 617-784-8260 Email: