Lucky 7 Horseshoes

These Lucky 7 Horseshoes are made from recycled horseshoes,keeping in mind the enviroment. Each horseshoe was once worn by a horse and traveled it's own path. One of the most well known recognised symbols is a horseshoe hung upright representing good luck,goodhealth and posperity. For centuries magically protective amulets were hung above or next to the doorways where you can still find them nailed onto houses or stables all over Europe and North America. Nowadays they also make a great addition to any decor and are great for any occasion,family or friend.

 The Horseshoes,steel and aluminum,are cleaned,washed and sanded depending what beads i am using. Some are more rusty and worn to give a more worn look. I love using New and recycled jewelry,fabric and clothing to give each one a individual look. I can make any color horseshoe with any color ribbons and beads,depending on your preferance. Whichever you choose every Lucky 7 Horseshoe is unique in it's own way and brings you many years of luck,prosperity and protection.

Native American inspired, Black horseshoe with yellow and red accents
Black horseshoe with recycled mother of pearl beads
copper "Dream" Horseshoe
Turquoise horseshoe with hawks feather
Horse photo horseshoe

Grace your home or workplace or even barn with a Lucky 7 Horseshoes collectable,one of a kind creation enhanced with New and recycled materials.