Little Beehive Farm

On Little Beehive Farm, we long for the days when life was more simple; a day's work was a day's work and you could reap the benefits of you own efforts. Here at the farm you will learn about our Organic Method Farming.™ On the farm we raise honeybees, chickens, turkeys, and vegetables. We also have a wide variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees. In the past 7 years our knowledge of gardening and farming has grown. At the farm our focus is on the environment, the world we live in, and how we can make it a better place. We developed our Organic Method Gardening and Farming™ through trial and error with a mindfulness toward all-natural applications.

We raise chickens and turkeys, grow vegetables, keep honeybees, and above all raise our children. Eating natural and local food is our goal. To be able to preserve our harvests and have a sustainable supply throughout the seasons is vital: from making fresh bread to canning, freezing, and preserving fruits and vegetables. 

We are located at 35 Dalton Road, Holliston, MA 01746. We are nestled in a suburban neighborhood, but you will notice us as soon as you drive down the street. We don't have the tradition yards. You will see the beehives from the road and also the chicken coop. Stop by for a visit sometimes. We love to meet new people and share our farm with them. (Children are very welcome).