Rosemarie Ferraro

 Her work has been highly praised for its originality, evocative depth, and emotional range.

Raised as one of 7 children in an Italian-American family in New Haven, Connecticut, Ms. Ferraro became an R.N., and was for many years a circulating nurse in the operating room at the Hospital of St. Raphael there.

I grew up in New Haven's little Italy,” she says. “My father worked all his life. So did my brothers, and the extended family around me, and all of our neighbors. I respect and praise them, and I remember well the schools and the churches of my childhood.”

She has created collages, drawings, dramatic works, and storybooks for more than forty years.

Until 2003 Ms. Ferraro exhibited rarely; her work was known only to family and friends. In September of that year she exhibited at Church of Our Saviour in Brookline, MA. Since then she has been awarded two first prize ribbons at Boston City Hall, and has exhibited at Artists-At-Large gallery in Hyde Park, the Cohasset Art Center, the Curran Family Gallery in West Roxbury, Cafe Cantata in Jamaica Plain, and the Menino Room of the Hyde Park Public Library. Since 2005 she has been a regular participant in the Hyde Park Open Studios exhibitions. In December of 2007, her second exhibit at Church of Our Saviour raised funds for Dr. Barbra McCune in Honduras.

With her husband Jim and daughter Kate and her family, she lives in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.

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