Madeline LaFarge

Madeline will be exhibiting at her studio at the Menino Art Center. Featured will be still life and landscapes

in both acrylic and watercolor mediums.

I explore many forms of art from reality to abstract.  At the beginning of each painting, I sometimes have a vision of what it should be but

more often that not, the creative process takes over and guides my brush and me to another dimension.  When I do not resist this

process and allow it to happen I am rewarded with a deep sense of gratification.  I invite the viewer to explore this creative process with me

and use imagination to see something in my painting that I did not intentionally put there.

 Also available will be my chapbook "Oreos Are fior Breakfast" and my memoir "Linden Lane".

For inquiries please contact me at


An acrylic representation of flowers that demanded to be painted.
The night view from my apartment by the Charles River in acrylic

A rich basket of flowers inspired this watercolor portrait of annuals. FlowerBasket-300x217.jpg