Judith Robichaud

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Menino Arts Center, Studio 13

email: juder811@gmail.com

I have always wanted to be an artist but didn't think I was good enough so I stopped when I was a teenager. I have since rediscovered painting while taking graphic design courses at the SMFA. I had to purchase a lot of acrylic paint for a color theory class and once the class was over I had tubes of paint that I didn't want to go to waste. The rest is history.

I paint whatever is on hand. I seem to always have a ready supply of lemons, limes and pears so those show up frequently in my work. I keep thinking I need to move on from these but find them fun and interesting to paint. 

Pears, 2012 (oil)
Limes and one lemon, 2013 (oil)
Red bowl with lemons, 2013 (oil)
Garlic, 2009 (acrylic)

Red bowl with lemons, 2013 (oil) 1.jpg