Cheryl Murphy

Showing at The Menino Art Center, 26 Central Ave, Hyde Park, Ma 02136. Indoors and outdoors. Contact email: phone: 617-364-2787

Mixed media and Installation Art.

Artist Statement: I consider my current artwork visual conversations. My intention is to open a dialog between the viewer and the work. Often, there is a back story or theme which I use to open the discussion. I have brought this approach to social and cultural issues, and as a way to view the familiar in a new context. I let the subject determine the media that will best invoke that essence at the center of my work. 

Several up close images of "She Is". I filled the cups of bras with artifacts from women’s lives to create a portrait of femininity. This installation began in my hands.
Word spread and soon I had bags of bras and personal items which helped to create a portrait that stretches beyond class, culture and age boundaries.
Soon, I began to receive suggestions, and the work became the voice of a community of women.
We are individual yet connected in our journey. Each bra contains a slice of this experience; hung together they speak to the collective experience of what it means to be a woman.