Al Wallstrom

Located at Menino Art Center, 26 Central Avenue, Hyde Park.

Chitaru. Japanese model
Yuki Takahashi
Devonian Seas
Swans's tear
Abstract in red and yellow
Fuel and Fire
The Wind Farm
The Window
Geometrical Abstract 31

Geometrical abstract painting is an argument in aesthetics. Each painting constitutes a single experiment whose goal is to further the discussion. The experimental variables are shapes, colors, and arrangements. At this stage of the discourse, I keep the shapes and colors simple with more variation in the arrangement. As the project continues I gradually add in more complexity as I build on what I learn. The viewer is the final arbiter in determining each experiment’s success or failure. The human aesthetic sense, though poorly understood, is hardwired into our DNA and if the viewer’s consensus is that the experiment is successful, then that experiment may be used to design the next one. The results of these experiments inform all my artwork – portraiture, landscape, still-life. The project continues.